Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth with creativity and state-of-the-art technology

As the market leader in beef in Europe, if you are able to always surprise the industry with new concepts, you have probably done something right. We remain true to ourselves in our openness to new developments. Being a trendsetter and continuing to be one would not be possible without the dedication and ideas of the team. We regard the future as an opportunity.

 The basis of our success is the commitment to the best quality of beef and perfect customer care. Only those who perform satisfactorily can succeed in a social environment that has become increasingly competitive. We continue to consistently focus on transparency and maintain a strong and lasting partnership with our customers. We expect from our partners reliability throughout the entire supply chain. And they can expect the same from us. Over the years, this creates stable business relationships.

And these can be further built on. If you want to remain competitive, you have to constantly venture into new ideas, while also investing. In doing so, we are bound by ethical principles that we have set out in our CSR report.

We have made good progress in pursuing a sustainable growth strategy. The expansion of the Waldkraiburg site into one of the largest slaughterhouses in Europe has now been completed. The advanced system is exemplary in many ways. The German Animal Welfare Association has certified Vion Waldkraiburg as the first cattle farm in Germany with the label “For More Animal Welfare”. The barn area and anaesthesia were designed according to the recommendations of renowned US animal welfare expert, Temple Grandin.

Consumers pay much more attention to quality than ever before. And they look at other countries to find inspiration for their food preparation. We benefit from the barbecue hype, which has meanwhile reached Central Europe from the USA. Beef has a lot to offer. We are bringing the New Steak Cuts with their original cut to the market. The motto is: “From nose to tail”, or from its original in German: “Cut the whole beef into steaks”. It doesn’t have to be just T-Bone, Rib Eye or Filet. The whole cow offers attractive cuts that taste great.

With the traditional breeds Simmental and Holstein-Friesian we offer finely marbled beef, which we market under the premium umbrella brand Goldbeef, but not only for our local markets in the Netherlands and Germany. Demand from southern Europe, especially Italy and France, is growing steadily. But exports to Asia and other regions continue to increase as well. Our international sales support offices support and deliver success.

We are also innovative in supplying restaurateurs, hoteliers, major consumers and food retailers. With the new product range “Cool Cuts” from Goldbeef, we have taken on their freezers.

Markets and consumer habits are constantly changing. That represents both a challenge and source of motivation for us. With our innovative concepts, we communicate with our customers and consumers.