Meat skewers

Kassler, Saltimbocca and Involtini

FVZ has put three refined meat skewers on the map. The smoked pork loin with a filling of mustard and onion, coated with spices is renewing as well as a sight to behold and it tastes wonderful. Saltimbocca on a skewer, made of pork meat with smoked ham in a marinade of sage, is also very tasty, just as we are used to from FVZ. At the same time, the diversity offers a lot of leeway in the preparation. The tasteful skewers can serve as a main meal, a snack or as a highlight of a buffet or a salad. Flexibility is also offered by hearty Involtini, a pork skewer coated with spices and a filling of bacon and onions. With these skewers FVZ continues to combine traditional sobriety with innovative intelligence.