High-quality meat, transparent working methods

High-quality meat, transparent working methods

Vion provides quality pork and beef to industrial customers around the world. Each market has its own wishes and requirements. Sjoerd van Leeuwen, Vion Sales Director for the Pork Industry, talks about Vion’s growth markets and how Vion responds to market trends.

At Vion, we always say: It is important to know your customer’s customer. We invest a lot of time and energy in this. Vion has spent more than 25 years building up its knowledge of foreign markets. We know exactly what the international consumer wishes when it comes to meat. With our purchasers, we take stock of the needs and we determine the range. Naturally, an optimised carcass yield from the animal is an important starting point for us.”

New markets
Vion has been looking over the national borders of the Netherlands and Germany for some time. Markets such as China, Japan and Mexico are important for the company. Van Leeuwen: “Not just China but all of Asia is an interesting market for us. In addition to Mexico, we are also investigating other markets in South America, and we are glancing sidelong at India. These new markets ensure that we can optimise the economic value of the meat of our animals. After all, each market has its own wishes.”


For instance, different legs, heads and tongues are a delicacy in China, and Vion is developing a new line of the successful Robusto brand for the Korean market.
In Korea, we see opportunities for high-quality products which are distinguished by their taste, fat layer and intramuscular fat. That is why we will introduce bellies under the flag of Robusto for the Korean market. It’s a nice opportunity to expand the existing market with a premium product and to distinguish Vion in this market, while also strengthening the valorisation of Robusto. During the Anuga trade fair, the renewed Robusto line is literally in the spotlight. The products can be admired in our XXL showcase.”

Vion is a trusted partner for purchasers at home and abroad, explains Van Leeuwen. “That is because of our secure supply chains in which food safety, product quality and transparency are paramount. But that is certainly also because of our craftsmanship. Our employees are experts in creating the right selections and cuts. Our craftsmanship is our distinguishing quality. We cherish that.”