FVZ surprises at the Internorga

Classics in paper

At the last Internorga Fair in Hamburg Vion subsidiary FVZ Convenience presented its ‘classics in paper’ and received an enormous amount of positive reactions on the new products. The trade press is also full of praise about the new assortment.

The pork steak ‘Rusti-kal’ and the chicken breasts ‘Landlust’ or ‘Mediterran’ are delivered in paper bags. The presentation recalls memories to birthday parties. The small packages that, depending on the dish, are sealed with a blue, green or red ribbon, and remind us of a lovingly packed gift. “This makes it very easy to distinguish between the three different products”,  product manager Jana Kinder-Kruse explains. As always with Vion Food Service appearance plays an important role.

The packages of 200 gram are also good for the environment, because no plastics or other synthetic materials are used. The baking paper of certified wood is biodegradable and compostable.

Three variations

The contents of course, is also convincing. The pork steak ‘Rustikal’ is refined with carefully selected vegetables and bacon cubes. Chicken breast  ‘Mediterran’ is served with grilled paprika, vegetables and feta. Chicken breast ‘Landlust’ is tastefully accompanied by superb vegetables, bacon of turkey and Gouda cheese. All three menus are deliciously marinated and ready to eat. The new FVZ products can easily be prepared at 180 degrees. After 18 to 22 minutes in a combi oven they are ready to serve. Fluids are left behind in the bags.

Guests await a varied and juicy experience. It is edible entertainment. When loosening the coloured ribbons the customer will experience something special, as the delicious flavours of the carefully selected ingredients will be set free.

The total package has a seductive effect. Jana Kinder-Kruse emphasises that with the ‘classics in paper’ the repositioning of the brand with the motto ‘Einfach echter Genuss’ consistently is continued. FVZ Convenience shows how modern classic from the kitchen can be interpreted. “This way we deliberately expand our client base.”

The new creations from Holzwickede can be supplemented with bread, baked potatoes or potato wedges.