Food of the land of the rising sun

The experts of SALOMON FoodWorld regularly adopt new trends in their product range and give them an exiting twist. This time the ideas that were inspired by the Asian kitchen have led to something rather special.

Healthy nutrition, an appealing presentation and ample combination options were taken into account. That the choice has fallen on Japan, in hindsight seems almost logical. In the empire of the far East delicacies have for a long time past been not only been fascinating, but also the aesthetic of the arrangement, the exotic ingredients and the magical effect on body and soul.

The most important food of the land of the rising sun is rice. Rice is an important source of carbohydrates that enables the body to quickly absorb energy. The basic ingredient of the well-loved sushi creations is uruchi rice. SALOMON now uses this rice for the ‘Asia Sliders’. Uruchi rice has a nice oval shape and the grain is semi tranparent.

Three variations

Because of the stickiness of the rice, mini sandwiches can be made, that only need to be filled. As a result this original idea has led to a fusion of the philosophy of the far East and the worldwide hype of burgers.

SALOMON has made this new snack in three variations. One is filled with tender chicken fillet and a spicy red curry sauce, or with fresh caught shrimps, creamy avocado and a touch of lemon. A vegetarian variation ‘Veggie Mushroom’ is also part of the assortment: with cross thistle oyster mushroom, spicy soy sauce and crispy vegetables.

“Healthy food does not always mean that you have to compromise”, says Jochen Kramer, Marketing Director of SALOMON. “Conscious eaters are fond of the varied Asian kitchen, which is known for its light and fresh food. The Asian Sliders offer precisely what the trend is now: in stead of complete meals, small portions and plates with various dishes. Everyone can take some, because sharing is the trend.”

Simply defrost, garnish and serve!

The gastronomy is impressive. The portions are quickly prepared. Simply defrost, garnish with toppings, like Japanese garden cress, sesam, chili, bean sprouts or something similar and the individual prepared delicacies can be served. Chop sticks, baking paper or seaweed can add an extra touch to the presentation.

Marketing expert Jochen is convinced of the success of the creations for the out-of-home market. “We have developed smart dishes that can be presented beautifully by our clients.” That matches with the maxim of the company to ‘inspire with authentic products.’