Vegan products

We strive for constant progress and focus on market needs. For this reason, we are particularly proud to be able to present our first vegetarian concept at Anuga 2019.

ME-AT responds to the growing demand for alternative proteins. Everyone can enjoy a piece of meat with ME-AT products. In the future, too. ME-AT represents “smart protein” – 100 % plant-based, yet still full of protein and starts with five new products: a vegetarian hamburger, minced meat, a crispy fillet schnitzel, fillet pieces and chipolata sausages.

Thanks to our unique innovations, we can help bring the food industry to a higher, sustainable level worldwide. Our products are good for the supply chain, retail, consumers and the planet.

Let’s ME-AT the alternative.

“A worthy vegetarian meat alternative.
Genuine meat-like flavour and texture, full of proteins and 100% plant-based.”