Regional and international products

Vion operates at an international level, with a presence in 13 countries. Across the world, our products meet the demands imposed on them. In doing so, food safety and availability are always our strengths. Yet above all, our knowledge of other cultures and markets as well as our understanding of the different consumer needs enables us to utilise all components of the animal for optimal use for customers and consumers of the different markets.

We produce speciality products for third countries, Southern Europe, Canada, Africa and Asia. With pork and beef products in the Food Family brand, we have a presence on the international market. Our Food Family brand signifies strict controls on raw components and careful processes. Across the different markets, Vion is prized as a responsible supplier with the highest standards in product quality. It’s at least one common denominator. The products in demand, however, often differ greatly – as do the tastes of the different cultures.

Featured regional and worldly products