Ready to cook products

Vion’s retail product range is continually being developed. The demand for convenience products is increasing. Young consumers, especially, don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen. But they do want to be able to vary their meat consumption. We respond to this demand with our new range.

The traditional piece of meat without spices is slowly disappearing; consumers are looking for indulgence products. Our new premium barbecue range BBQ Star is a good example of this: It contains the ultimate indulgence products for barbecue lovers.

More and more people buy meat in the supermarket off the self-service shelf. The number is now more than 50 % and it is continually growing. Ease of use and flavour are key. Consumers want to put delicious products on their plates in a short amount of time. Vion has an extensive range of convenience products, such as meatloaf and various types of hamburgers, including a tasty beef hamburger wrapped in bacon. Vion also has a premium BBQ range under the brand BBQ Star, high-quality Cool Cuts and a new range of beef products.