Digital pioneers

Product catalogue with augmented reality

The product catalogue of SALOMON FoodWorld now also contains digital elements in its printed form. The keyword? Augmented reality!  With the free Wikitude app readers can use their smartphone to scan pages of the catalogue and watch videos of the products.

It is very simple and user friendly: some pages have a blue symbol. By holding your phone over the symbol a moving world opens itself  and supplies connoisseurs with inspiration and ideas for the future.

So, the food service specialists of Großostheim are digital pioneers. During a visit to a restaurant, the guest usually already is busy with his or her smartphone. Why not show all the choices on the menu right away?

Digital APPetizer

Just as in the catalogue it can also work on the menu. Hold your mobile phone over the symbol and enter the formerly secret world of the kitchen. An exiting example may be a chef who explains his culinary philosophy in a videoclip, while preparing the menu or snacks. He could also give information about the recipe. Of course it is also possible to let the appealing images speak for itself. “A digital APPetizer like this makes choosing a dish easier and has a positive effect on the EATertainment.”, satisfied specialists conclude about their resourcefulness. SALOMON FoodWorld has at any rate proven its pioneering spirit again. It is the first company in the food service industry that seducts clients with an interactive catalogue for the product range.