SALOMON Foodworld

Salomon Foodworld has been active for more than 35 years as a food service specialist, working successfully with chefs and gourmet specialists to create food items for every occasion, including Finger Food, Burgers & Wraps, Schnitzel and minced products.

We take a creative ‘experiential worlds’ approach to create a diverse range of products across Europe, and our constant product innovations continue to set the standard in foreign markets. Thanks to unique food service monitoring, we discover product trends early – where and when they arise – in hotels and restaurants, in kitchens and in different countries. This is how our authentic and trendy food innovations arise from different food experiences across Europe. This in turn will help you create enthusiasm among your guests!

Choose us as your partner. We are committed to a reliable, fast and flexible approach as we deliver our products to you through wholesale and cash-and-carry stores.