In 2017, Vion introduced its premium ham brand Robusto during the Anuga, the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair. The hams have been developed for top producers of cured hams. The brand is a big success, and not just in Italy and Spain. In 2019, Vion introduced Robusto to the Korean market for the first time.

Robusto: Selected with care
‘Selected with care’, that is what the brand Robusto represents. And that is not just another slogan: The meat masters of Vion select the Robusto hams with the greatest care and according to strict criteria. The Robusto hams are of the highest quality and are distinguished by their weight, colour, fat layer, intramuscular fat, shape and consistency. This makes them the perfect raw material for the top segment of the Italian and Spanish cured ham industry.


New product line for the Korean market

This year at the Anuga, Vion is presenting a new product category – in addition to hams – within the Robusto brand. Now there is also a Robusto line of bellies for the Korean market. Vion sees opportunities in this market for high-quality products which are distinguished by their taste, fat layer and intramuscular fat. Sjoerd van Leeuwen, Vion Sales Director for the Pork Industry: “There is demand for premium-quality bellies for traditional Korean barbecue dishes, such as samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) and galbi (grilled ribs). It’s a great opportunity for Vion to expand an existing market with a premium product and to distinguish itself in this market.”


Expansion of production

Until now, the Robusto products have been produced by Vion Boxtel. However, because of the great demand, the production of Robusto hams will be expanded this autumn to the Vion location in Emstek, Germany. Van Leeuwen explains: “The Robusto hams which are processed at Vion Boxtel and Vion Emstek come from Dutch and German pig farmers with whom Vion has a long-term partnership. Our master butchers in Emstek are specially trained so that they, too, can proudly put the Robusto stamp on the hams which satisfy all criteria and quality requirements: Selected with care.”