ME-AT the alternative

ME-AT the alternative

And then there was ME-AT

Our world is changing rapidly. The world population is increasing to 10 billion people in 2050, and in order to feed them we are going to need 1,7 planets if we do not change our production and consumption patterns.
In order to feed these 10 billion people we need to increase our food production by 60% and we need to do this in a more sustainable way with our planet.

We see our role in the plant based segment to offer an easy and recognizable alternative for meat, allowing consumers to easily switch protein sources. Consumers prefer products that look fresh and offer greater flexibility in preparation. Our products not only look like fresh meat, but also cook and taste like actual meat. With each developed product, we strive to make it as difficult as possible to taste the difference with the traditional meat equivalent.

Our developed meat alternatives cover the variety of products that you would typically find in your meat counter.