Vion fulfils its role as a trendsetter through the introduction of high-quality regional products under the GOLDBEEF brand. Beef is one of the most valuable foods there is, and we use only the best raw materials for GOLDBEEF.

Our selection performed based on visual characteristics, and only raw material that meets 100% of our quality parameters has a chance to be further refined.


Consistently-high quality

With GOLDBEEF, we deliver beef products with consistently-high quality and guaranteed enjoyment. We leave nothing to chance, using clearly-defined process steps and dedicated specialists guarantee extremely careful handling of the value-adding raw materials.


Cool cuts

The name says it all. Deep-frozen, perfectly aged, high-quality cuts. Individually packed, ready to cook, sous-vide ready. The perfect solution for restaurateurs, hoteliers and other bulk consumers, as well as the food retail trade. Simply defrost or cook the COOL CUT in water bath, then grill briefly on both sides – that’s it. The perfect cut is then ready with success guaranteed. You can choose from classic steaks like entrecote, T-bone and filet, as well as flat iron, tomahawk, côte de bœuf and churrasco ribs. Year-round availability and minimum shelf life of 18 months from date of production ensures easy planning.