BBQ Star

True barbecue lovers like to go big. That’s why Vion offers a premium barbecue range: BBQ Star. With BBQ Star, consumers are able to put premium meat on the grill. It’s delicious all by itself, but even more tasty thanks to specially developed herb rubs and marinades. The BBQ Star range has been developed for the international market in various European countries.

The BBQ Star range consists of seven pork and beef products: Spare ribs (p), Porchetta (p), Pulled Pork (p), Flat Iron Steak (b), Côte de Boeuf (b), Ribeye (b) en Picanha (b).

Would you like to know how the BBQ Star products can be prepared best? Watch the preparation video at the bottom of this page or watch them all here.

BBQ Star: taste and appreciation of quality

Philippe Thomas, Retail Sales Director at Vion Pork: “Our Vion Consumer Insights show that consumers prefer premium concepts which are designed for taste and the appreciation of quality. BBQ Star responds to this trend. The BBQ Star range contains a series of robust quality products that take barbecuing to the next level.”

For BBQ Star, Vion collaborated with barbecue experts and herb specialists. Thomas: “All seven meat products in the range were carefully selected and experts have developed a unique herb rub or marinade for each of them.” The design and sleeve give the products a premium appearance. “The products are true specialities. Barbecuing is popular,” says Thomas. “It is an emotional event: when it’s sunny weather, people invite friends over for a tasty meal. They want to make an impression with a robust and tasty piece of meat. BBQ Star offers consumers a true indulgence experience.”


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